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TITLE:   Common Ground
Nikki Flionis – MissionSAFE
DATE:   12/17/2013

In this episode of The Common Ground, Host Steve Tompkins interviews Nikki Flionis, Executive Director of MissionSAFE. This organization works with highly and proven at–risk youth and young adults from challenged situations and communities, working with them to gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed and thrive, not merely survive, and to be agents for positive change in their communities and the larger world. MissionSAFE deliberately seeks out and offers unconditional, structured relational support to the most at–risk adolescents and young adults whose exposure to complex, ongoing trauma has left them vulnerable to apathy, hopelessness, school failure and dropping out, unwillingness to engage, violence, gang and court involvement, substance abuse and mental health issues.


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