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TITLE:   Common Ground
Will Morales & Michele Wendling – YMCA Achievers
DATE:   08/02/2012
DESCRIPTION:   During the first half of the show, host Steve Tompkins talks with Will Morales, Executive Director of the YMCA Achievers and their Youth Coordinator, Michele Wendling. They discussed the vital role the YMCA plays in youngsters’ lives and introduced the Achievers program that is connected to the Egleston Square YMCA. The Achievers program is dedicated to helping all urban youth reach their fullest potential. Many of Boston's youth graduate high school and are left to navigate the college process by themselves. From College Path to the Summer Institute, the Achievers program provides educational enrichment opportunities to prepare for college & career. They are proud to be part of the YMCA of Greater Boston, the largest provider of social services in MA.

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