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TITLE:   Common Ground
Daphne Griffin – BCYF
DATE:   07/26/2012
DESCRIPTION:   During the first half of the show, host Steve Tompkins talks with Daphne Griffin, City of Boston Chief of Human Services and Executive Director of the Boston Centers for Youth and Families (BCYF). They discussed the important work the BCYF continues to do year round offering various programs and events scheduled throughout the 35 facilities within Boston, with an emphasis placed on summer programming. In February 2011, Mayor Thomas Menino appointed Daphne as the city’s Chief of Human Services. This appointment has expanded her duties to the oversight of the city’s other human services agencies, policies and programs. The Boston Centers for Youth and Families is charged with offering a range of affordable programs including preschool, school-aged & adult education, family literacy, youth employment, violence prevention & intervention, senior activities, recreation and enrichment to the citizens of Boston.

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