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TITLE:   Common Ground
Louis Elisa - Seaport Advisory Council
DATE:   06/28/2012
DESCRIPTION:   During this one-hour program, host Steve Tompkins talks with Louis Elisa, Executive Secretary and Director of Development for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Seaport Advisory Council. The Seaport Advisory Council, chaired by Lt. Governor Tim Murray, was originally created by an Executive Order in 1994. The purpose of the Seaport Council is to enhance and develop the commercial maritime resources of the Commonwealth, with an emphasis on the next tier deep water ports Fall River, Gloucester, New Bedford and Salem. The Seaport Council achieves this by investing in projects that are focused on the commercial fishing industry, dredging, port marketing, public access, port institutional infrastructure and port physical infrastructure, safety and security, and short sea shipping. Louis also discussed the career path that led him to the Seaport Advisory Council and his previous work as the Regional Director for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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