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TITLE:   Common Ground
Greg King - Barrister at Law / New Zealand
DATE:   05/10/2012
DESCRIPTION:   During the second half of the show, host Steve Tompkins talks with recent Eisenhower Fellowship Award recipient and New Zealand Barrister-at-Law Greg King. As an Eisenhower Fellow, King will gain a range of legal experiences as he travels throughout the United States in 2012. In addition to criminal law, King also represents clients in employment law, family law and civil law cases, including intellectual property disputes. He also has experience in judicial review proceedings and all manner of Tribunals. In 2007, King was awarded the inaugural “Barrister of the Year Award” at the New Zealand Law Awards. King is also the host and an executive producer of The Court Report, a popular weekly television series which considers contemporary legal issues with a panel of experts in front of a live studio audience.

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