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TITLE:   Common Ground
Lionheart Foundation
DATE:   02/24/2011
DESCRIPTION:   During the first half of the show, host Steve Tompkins talks with Lionheart Foundation founder and director Robin Casarjian about the work being done by her foundation to help the at risk inmate population alter their lives. They discuss the importance of understanding ones emotional literacy towards become a productive member of society. Robin wrote a book titled “Houses of Healing” to promote her program towards making sense of anger and resentment while learning to make meaning of their lives and grow. Through the Lionheart Foundation, she has distributed over 85,000 free books to prison libraries across the country (including the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department). She also co–authored an emotional literacy book geared towards adolescents titled “PowerSource” to aid in dealing with highly at–risk youth in treating issues such as a family history of incarceration, drug abuse, addiction or foster care.

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