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TITLE:   Common Ground
Boston Youth Fund & Youth Council
DATE:   02/10/2011
DESCRIPTION:   During the first half of the show, host Steve Tompkins talks with Boston Youth Fund executive director Christine Wainwright and Shari Davis from the Boston Youth Council. Steve and Christine discuss the steps to apply for the City of Boston Teen Summer Employment Program. The City’s Hopeline is scheduled to accept Boston youth job applications from February 1st to March 4th and last year, the Hopeline was able to connect 3,300 kids with employment. Shari talks about her past experience of getting a job through the program and what it has meant to her. Christine and Shari give a breakdown of some great organizations out there that support the program by offering youngsters jobs. Shari introduces you to the Boston Youth Council and talks about the important role that they have on dealing with youth issues around the city.

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