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Michael Harris

Superintendent In–Chief

Former Superintendent of Human Resources Michael Harris brings over 13 years of labor/management relations and over 20 years of experience in public sector management into his new position as Superintendent In–Chief.

During his time with the Department, Superintendent In–Chief Harris has helped to shepherd though a multitude of improvements to the Department’s policies, procedures and practices.

In his role as Superintendent of Human Resources, Harris was responsible for recruitment, personnel management, employee evaluations, labor relations and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for a work–force of over 1000, including executive and middle managers, uniformed staff and administrators.

With his guidance, the Department implemented a merit–based system of hiring and created a selective hiring process that includes some of the most stringent pre–employment requirements in corrections. To create a more mature workforce with greater and more diverse life experience, the minimum hiring age was increased from 18 to 21 years of age, college–level degrees or military experience are strongly preferred, and all applications are initially screened using criterion that includes a thorough review of past job history, a character assessment and a criminal history check.

Superintendent In–Chief Harris holds a Bachelor’s degree from Hobart College and a Masters degree from the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

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