Sheriff Tompkins Visits Epiphany School In Dorchester

May 13, 2014
Sheriff Tompkins, Department Join Mother’s Walk For Peace
May 22, 2014
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Sheriff Tompkins Visits Epiphany School In Dorchester

May 16, 2014

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Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins speaks to students and faculty at the Epiphany School in Dorchester as Lino Sanchez, Founder of the Urban Achievers program, listens.

Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins visited the Epiphany School to meet with members of the Urban Achievers program, and to speak to students of the Epiphany School as a whole.

The Urban Achievers program is an organization committed to significantly improving the outcomes of children and families living in under–resourced and underserved Boston communities by providing learning experiences and opportunities that foster physical, social and intellectual development.

Following a workshop about sexual harassment, delivered by educator Gillian Van Delft, Sheriff Tompkins spoke to the assembly about several topics, including the content of the workshop, his experiences growing up and leading to his current role as the Sheriff of Suffolk County, and about creating and taking advantage of opportunities.

“Growing up in a single–parent household in the projects in Harlem, New York, there were several outcomes that could have occurred,” Sheriff Tompkins said. “There were kids getting in trouble and I could have gone in with them, but I had a strong mother who let me know what would happen if I did that.”

“I also saw opportunities out there that could help me to better my station in life, and so I took them,” he continued. “We have to not only take the opportunities that are out there when they present themselves to us, we have to be ready to take them. And, if you don’t see opportunities, then you have to create them. It may be difficult and take a lot of effort, but it’s worth your while. I never imagined that I would someday be called upon to be the Sheriff of Suffolk County, but here I am.”

Following the address, representatives of the Sheriff’s Department handed out notebooks and pencils to the assembly and made plans to stay connected for future endeavors.

To learn more about the Epiphany School and the Urban Achievers program, visit:

Founded in 1997, Epiphany believes that every child deserves a quality education in a supportive environment. The school serves approximately 90 students in grades 5–8, hundreds of young adults in its graduate support program, and hundreds more families all from economically disadvantaged backgrounds from Boston. Epiphany’s education is based on individualized attention and essential skill–building with a far–reaching web of support, and the school offers 12–hour school days, small classes, and tutoring. The school also serves three meals daily and two snacks, runs competitive sports programs, and ensures students’ health and social needs are met. All of the school’s students have high–quality programming 11 months of the year, and its graduates remain active members of the school community.


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