Sheriff Tompkins, Department Host Treasurer Grossman At House Of Correction Tour

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March 28, 2014
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Sheriff Tompkins, Department Host Treasurer Grossman At House Of Correction Tour

April 1, 2014

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Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins (third from left), Treasurer Steven Grossman (third from right) and members of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department (l-r) Dennis Guilfoyle and Valerie Barsom, Legislative Affairs; Yolanda Smith, Superintendent of the House of Correction; and Michael Harris, Superintendent In-Chief.

Suffolk County Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins recently hosted Massachusetts State Treasurer and Gubernatorial Candidate Steven Grossman for a tour of the Suffolk County House of Correction. Along with Sheriff Tompkins, the tour was led by Superintendent of the House of Correction Yolanda Smith with Assistant Deputy Superintendent Rachelle Steinberg and Assistant Deputy Superintendent Major Richard McCarthy.

Treasurer Grossman toured the Education and Women’s Programming divisions, where he discussed with Department staff some of the curriculum and methods employed by the Sheriff’s Department in the effort to provide ex–offenders with the skills and services needed to help them achieve successful reentry into the community upon their release.

The tour also stopped in to the Vocational Education Division’s Common Ground Institute, a 10–week instructional program designed to enhance and fortify employment skills that aid the prison population of Suffolk County in making a successful transition back into society post–incarceration. With the CGI program, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department has taken a proactive approach to reducing recidivism, in part, by placing an emphasis on vocational education, which includes the teaching of skills in carpentry, custodial maintenance, painting and landscaping, among others.

Following the tour, Treasurer Grossman shared his observations about the Department and its employees.

“Clearly, you have a great passion about the work that you’re doing,” said Treasurer Grossman. “You’re trying to rehabilitate and work with people to help them become the best human beings that they can be. You’re taking a wholistic approach to try and change people’s lives, and isn’t that what it’s all about?”

Speaking about Treasurer Grossman and his time at the House of Correction, Sheriff Tompkins offered his own take about the visit.

“I am happy to have had Treasurer Grossman in to tour our facility and see firsthand some of the work that we’re doing to rehabilitate and prepare people for successful reentry into the communities of Suffolk County,” said Sheriff Tompkins. “The programs that we utilize and the services that we offer are part of a larger effort to increase the health and public safety of our neighborhoods and strengthen our communities – things that I know that Mr. Grossman is also very passionate about. I appreciate his interest and we want to continue reaching out to more community leaders and stakeholders, and invite them to join us in our efforts.”


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