Sheriff Tompkins, Department Host Ceremony For New Captains

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October 6, 2014
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Sheriff Tompkins, Department Host Ceremony For New Captains

October 8, 2014

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Assistant Superintendent Richard McCarthy (far left) and Deputy Superintendent Rachelle Steinberg (third from left) with a tour group made up of Chinese nationals and law practitioners who visited the House of Correction to learn about programming and exchange best practices.

Suffolk County Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins and the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department recently hosted a ceremony in honor of ten Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department officers who were appointed to the rank of Captain.

The ceremony featured a welcome from Superintendent In–Chief Michael Harris, remarks from Special Sheriff Eugene Sumpter and House of Correction Superintendent Yolanda Smith, and concluded with a service in which the newly appointed officers were presented with their pins by family members and loved ones in attendance.

Special Sheriff Eugene Sumpter congratulated the officers and urged them to use their new leadership positions to set an example about what it means to be an officer of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department.

“This is your opportunity to put a stamp on what it means to be a good Captain and to be an officer at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department,” said Superintendent Sumpter.

Superintendent Yolanda Smith spoke about her special connection to the ceremony, citing her experience as a former officer.

“I remember my pinning ceremony so vividly and how excited I was to embark on the next step of my journey,” said Superintendent Smith. “Each of you deserves this chance in heightened leadership because you have proven that you have sound judgment and strong managerial abilities.”

Superintendent Smith then addressed each Captain individually, highlighting their achievements and wishing them well before thanking the rest of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department staff for their role in fulfilling Sheriff Tompkins’ mission.

“To the new Captains, the veteran Captains, and to the entire staff of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department – thank you for believing in the Sheriff’s mission,” said Superintendent Smith. “Together, this Department will continue to evolve and remain the trailblazers of good, sound corrections. Congratulations again, and we look forward to your leadership.”

Sheriff Tompkins emphasized the significance of the ceremony and the officers it elevated.

“Without officers who take their jobs seriously, who understand the magnitude of what they do, our mission of reducing recidivism and protecting the citizens of Suffolk County can’t be realized,” said Sheriff Tompkins. “I commend these officers for their commitment not only to the Department, but to the health and wellbeing of the inmates in our facilities. Through ceremonies such as this one, families and friends can take part in their accomplishment and see that their loved one hasn’t been merely working, but making a difference.”

The following officers assuming the rank of Captain are: Captain Charles Balboni, Captain Robert Bracken, Captain Corry Carter, Captain Thomas Gorman, Captain Mary Holton, Captain Charles Magner, Captain Neil McGonagle, Captain Anthony Rosati, Captain Brian Reynolds, and Captain Michael Walsh.


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