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May 8, 2014

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Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department members keep score and statistics during The Peace Collaborative’s “Got Peace?” basketball tournament.

Members of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department recently participated in the Peace Collaborative’s “Got Peace?” basketball tournament, held at the Madison Park Community Center in Roxbury.

The event featured members of the recording industry, faith–based community, local radio stations, community groups, and young people from numerous organizations, all coming together to promote peace through friendly competition.

Whether lending their services as referees, score– and stat–keepers, or as players, participating members of the Department helped to make the “Got Peace?” tournament a resounding success. Among those giving a helping hand from the Department were Orlando DePass, Deniqua Lopes, Chris Kiley, Joe Smoot, True–See Allah and Dennis Manning.

During the event, Cindy Diggs, Founder of “Peace Boston” and a founding member of the Peace Collaborative, spoke about the need for events like this one and the importance of participating organizations like the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department.

“When we started this event three years ago, we wanted to bring adults and young people together in the name of peace,” said Ms. Diggs. “The ‘Got Peace’ tournament has been growing each year, and every year we have more groups and organizations wanting to join this peace movement through sports. We’re trying to address the violence in our community and this event brings attention to those efforts.”

“We’re grateful to Sheriff Steve Tompkins for making it possible to have members of the Sheriff’s Department here today,” Diggs continued. “I also want to thank [Sheriff’s Department Deputy Director of External Affairs and Communications] Ed Geary, Jr., [Sergeant] Dennis Manning and all of the volunteers from the Department for everything they did to help make this tournament a success.”


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