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December 13, 2013

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Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins shares a lighthearted moment with event attendee Kathy Pugliese.

Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins recently visited the Golden Age Senior Center in Charlestown to mingle with some of the town’s senior residents. The event, which was a senior gathering featuring music, dancing, games, and plenty of food, is just one of many functions that the center has hosted for the seniors in the community.

The Golden Age Senior Center, which is managed by the Charlestown Community Center, is one of the most robust and highly trafficked senior centers in the City of Boston. Its program supervisor, Beverly Gibbons, has been organizing and managing daily activities there for twenty–five years – activities including, but not limited to bingo games, art classes, speakers series and overnight trips.

Ms. Gibbons introduced Sheriff Tompkins to the forty–plus senior citizens occupying the room. “This is Steve Tompkins and he is your Sheriff,” she said. “He’s going to give me a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card so that when any of you need it, we’re all set,” the room laughed. She then had Sheriff Tompkins pull a raffle ticket to pick a raffle winner before greeting each senior citizen one–by–one.

Sheriff Tompkins expressed his gratitude for visiting the center and meeting the crew of smiling faces.

“It’s really a great thing to have this service here,” Said Sheriff Tompkins. “This is the type of positive energy we need in our communities and I’m glad to be here. Events like these serve as a reminder of the kind of community we strive for all of Suffolk County to be.”

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