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December 13, 2013

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Suffolk County Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins (fourth from left) with Parkside Christian Academy’s school administrators, an alum of Parkside Christian Academy (third from right), Senator Linda Dorcena–Forry’s Chief of Staff Tracey Ragland–Kelley (third from left), and State Representative Russell Holmes (second from right).

Suffolk County Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins recently visited the students and staff of the Parkside Christian Academy and Cross Factor Academy in Hyde Park.

The school, in existence for thirty–six years, is an independent, co–educational, non–denominational Christian day school that aims to develop individuals with strong moral and spiritual values in addition to a mastery of essential academic skills.

The school spans from preschool to the twelve grade level, with preschoolers through sixth graders attending Parkside Christian Academy, while grades seven through twelve attend the Cross Factor Academy.

In addition to Sheriff Tompkins, State Representative Russell Holmes, City Councilor Ayanna Pressley and Senator Linda Dorcena–Forry’s Chief of Staff Tracey Ragland–Kelley were present to speak to the assembly of students before embarking on a tour of the school.

During his visit, Sheriff Tompkins addressed the students and faculty during their morning assembly, applauding them for the remarkable work they’re doing. Following an introduction and explanation about the work that he does, Sheriff Tompkins expressed his joy about being in the presence of positive young people.

“I love coming to schools because I do work with a lot of folks who’ve gotten themselves into trouble,” said Sheriff Tompkins. “So, when I come to schools to visit young people like you who haven’t gotten into trouble, it’s heartening. That’s what I want.”

Despite serving a student body in which 91% of attendees receive financial aid, most of whom are students of color, the school promises college readiness to all of its students, even beginning their PSAT prep in the fifth grade.

In parting, Sheriff Tompkins reiterated to students the importance of education in finding success and securing their futures.

“Now here’s the thing,” Sheriff Tompkins began, “you’re five, ten, fifteen years old. What you don’t realize right now is that time flies by very quickly. One day, you’ll have your own kids, your own homes and your own responsibilities and duties to take care of. If you have an education, that’s going to make all that you have to do in the future a lot easier. So, my message is to you is to stay in school and do the right thing. I applaud you for what you do.”

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