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November 29, 2013

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Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins speaks to members of LeadBoston’s graduating Class of 2013.

Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins recently joined members of LeadBoston to speak with graduates of the program about the importance of civic and social responsibility.

An 11–month, experiential executive education program, LeadBoston focuses on the inner workings of Boston, trends and issues that impact the city’s social and economic vitality, and socially responsible leadership. The program is geared to corporate, public and non–profit mid–to–senior level executives. It connects professionals across sectors, increasing their knowledge about the city, awareness of neighborhood realities, and their capacity to address complex work and community dynamics.

As a former member of the organization, having graduated in 2004, Sheriff Tompkins spoke about his experience as a member of LeadBoston and how it relates to the work that he does every day as the Sheriff of Suffolk County.

“How I often describe my participation in LeadBoston is that it’s like undergoing an intense process with family,” said Sheriff Tompkins. “You really bond with the members of your class and I’m still in touch with many members. Some of the lessons that I learned as a member of the organization back in 2004 have served me well in my current station.”

Sheriff Tompkins also spoke about the need for leaders, like those graduating from the LeadBoston Class of 2013, to become advocates for those reentering the community from incarceration and work with members of their families to lobby for the services they need to begin leading healthy and productive lives, and to help prevent them from recidivating.

“We have a great opportunity to work with people to help them better their station in life,” continued Sheriff Tompkins. “We know that if you work hard and apply yourself, life can give you a number of gifts. But, with those gifts, you have to remember to give back. I applaud you for what you’ve done and if I could ask one more thing of you today, it would be to just help one other person and we’ll be a better society.”

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