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November 12, 2013

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Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Patrick Fallon (center) was joined by Nashua Street Jail Superintendent and Special Sheriff Eugene Sumpter (left) and Lieutenant Michael Walsh (right) for Boston University’s 2013 Department of Public Safety Awards Ceremony. Deputy Fallon was awarded a commendation by B.U. for his heroic actions in preventing an attempted suicide at B.U. Medical Center this past summer.

Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Patrick Fallon was recently awarded a commendation by Boston University’s (B.U.) Department of Public Safety for his role in preventing an attempted suicide on the campus of B.U. Medical Center.

Presented by Connie Packard, B.U.’s Director of Public Safety and William Gibbons, Assistant Director of Public Safety, the awards are given to recognize and reward distinguished service to the medical center community.

On July 8th, while conducting Sheriff’s Department business at the B.U. Medical Center, Deputy Fallon observed a man standing on a second floor ledge overlooking the main lobby of the Menino Pavilion. As the man began to threatening to take his life by jumping from the ledge, Deputy Fallon raced to the scene and immediately engaged him in conversation in an attempt to de–escalate the situation.

As Deputy Fallon continued speaking to the man, Boston University Police Officer William Denish made his way to the second floor and began quietly approaching the man from behind. As Officer Denish moved closer, Deputy Fallon established eye contact with him while consistently engaging his subject in an attempt to keep him distracted. Finally, Officer Denish was close enough to reach out and grab the man, pulling him to safety before he was taken to the Emergency Room for evaluation.

“I just did what I’m trained to do,” said a modest Deputy Fallon. “After I saw what was happening, I attempted to speak to him to calm him down a little bit as Officer Denish was able to move in and secure his safety.”

Following the ceremony, Assistant Director Gibbons spoke about the actions of Deputy Fallon and the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department as a whole.

“We were happy today to be able to recognize Deputy Fallon,” said Gibbons. “His actions in helping to prevent a disturbed person from jumping to serious injury or even death are greatly appreciated. We’ve always had such a positive experience with the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department because their officers are such well–trained professionals.”

Expressing pride and gratitude for the acknowledgement of his officer’s heroic actions, Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins said, “It’s always a privilege to be recognized for the work that you do, even as it’s done without any forethought to praise or reward. The officers of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department are true professionals in the law enforcement community and Deputy Fallon is another fine example of that fact.”

Superintendent of the Nashua Street Jail and Special Sheriff Eugene Sumpter and Lieutenant Michael Walsh also attended the ceremony as Representatives of the Department to add their support for Deputy Fallon.


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