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November 4, 2013

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Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins with Officer James Lavey, his wife Jennifer and their children.

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department recently hosted a Children’s Halloween Party at the Department’s Correction Officer Training Academy in Chelsea.

Members of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department came together to decorate the building, facilitate games and even invited their own family members to participate in the festivities.

The party is used a means of reaching out to the Chelsea community and providing a safe but fun and spooky Halloween experience for everyone in attendance. According to Director of External Affairs Sandy Zamor–Calixte, they did just that.

“I think everyone really enjoyed themselves and I’m glad that the residents of Chelsea had a chance to experience a different side of the world of corrections other than the stoic, serious side they are taught to see,” said Zamor–Calixte. “We worked really hard to put this party together, and to see the kids running around enjoying themselves made it all worth it.”

Dressed as their favorite superheroes, TV characters and work professionals, the eager kids traveled throughout the building, moving from the haunted house to the room full of games and arts and crafts and into the room of Halloween candy, cupcakes and other treats.

Suffolk County Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins spent time greeting visitors and experiencing the spooky adventure for himself. Although he admitted to being just as thrilled as he was spooked, the Sheriff saw the party as serving a much broader purpose.

“We do this Halloween party because being out in the community and offering kids something positive is what we are about at the Sheriff’s Department,” said Sheriff Tompkins. “That part of our job is just as important as the work we do behind the walls of our facilities. Making ourselves available to young people helps them to think of us as their allies, and if we really want to keep them out in the world and out of my facilities, that’s the first step.”


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