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August 2, 2013

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Suffolk County Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins sat with DJ Ms. C and the members of GRLZ Radio for an interview and discussion about social responsibility and youth outreach.

Suffolk County Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins recently visited the young women of GRLZ Radio for an interview with DJ Ms. C.

Originating from Dorchester, GRLZ Radio is a nationally recognized radio station and after school program that seeks to empower young women by providing positive messages on air. The station, which is webcasted, reaches an average of 20,000 listeners worldwide. It is a first–of–its–kind violence prevention and girl’s leadership development initiative and is still going strong after ten years of active service.

During his visit, Sheriff Tompkins toured the facility and discussed the prospect of collaborating with GRLZ Radio for future projects.

“I’m really impressed by what you ladies are doing here,” Sheriff Tompkins said to the fourteen young women surrounding him. “This is great.”

Sheriff Tompkins was interviewed by DJ Ms. C (A.K.A. Amarah), a student at Boston Latin Academy. Throughout his interview, Sheriff Tompkins discussed his role as the Sheriff and his goals for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department.

“The thing I value most about my job is having the opportunity to help people,” said Sheriff Tompkins. “I do believe we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper and so I think that if you have an opportunity to help – particularly someone like myself who has caught several lucky breaks in my life – then I think that it’s incumbent upon me to then turn around and help others.”

When asked what advice he would offer to teens looking to follow a similar career path, he said, “I think education is the great equalizer. Beyond that, you either have to be ready for opportunities that come your way or more importantly, create your own opportunities. You have to have some idea of what you want to do with your life and then put yourself in that space so that when that opportunity opens up you’ll be ready for it.”

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