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August 27, 2012

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Suffolk County Sheriff Cabral addresses participants and attendees of the Pacitti Cup and Finnigan Cup tournaments as members of the Pacitti family look on.

Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral and members of the Sheriff’s Department recently lent their support to a pair of annual memorial youth sports tournaments held honor of two men from Dorchester’s Savin Hill.

On August 11th and 12th, the 7th Annual Richard P. Pacitti Memorial Cup for boys’ baseball and 3rd Annual Richard Finnigan Memorial Cup for girls’ softball were held at McConnell Park in Savin Hill.

“Richie” Pacitti was a Savin Hill resident who served as the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Director of Communications and External Affairs before his untimely passing in 2006. He coached neighborhood youth T–ball, softball and soccer and was known as the kind of active neighbor and community leader who would often be among the first to help others.

“Dick” Finnigan, also from Savin Hill, passed away in 2009. He was a former State Representative, manager of the St. William’s Band and a dedicated Girls’ CYO/RBI softball coach for over 40 years. Like Richie, he was known for his penchant for offering help to anyone in need throughout the neighborhood and beyond.

As the creator of the girls’ softball tournament, Tony King spoke about the man that inspired its origin.

“When Dick Finnigan passed away, we realized that we had lost yet another beloved member of the Savin Hill community,” said King. “To honor his contribution to the community, the Richard ‘Dick’ Finnigan Memorial Cup for girls’ softball was partnered with the Pacitti Cup for boys’ baseball.”

This year, eight boys’ baseball teams – hailing from Dorchester, South Boston, Weymouth and West Roxbury’s Parkway area – were gathered to vie for the title of Pacitti Memorial Cup Champion. Four girls’ softball teams coming from Dorchester, South Boston and the Parkway battled it out to take the top spot and title as Finnigan Memorial Cup Champion.

During the opening ceremony, Sheriff Cabral recognized former Sheriff’s Department employee Richard Pacitti and community leader Richard Finnigan.

“I’m always happy to be here and I think about Richie often,” said Sheriff Cabral. “But, I have this opportunity every single year to come and speak publicly about what an amazing man he was and to pay tribute through this tournament to him. The Pacitti family is one of my favorite families on the planet – they know I love them. I and the Department are always there for them, and I want to thank them again. Especially you, Chickie – thank you for giving us Richie.”

Turning her focus to the day’s other celebrated figure, Sheriff Cabral added, “I’m also here to honor Dick Finnigan, a former State Representative who was also an incredibly involved member of the Savin Hill Community, St. William’s Band Manager and who was also involved in girls CYO. He was a dedicated family man, staunch union supporter and tireless worker on behalf of his community. It is so fitting that we have both the Pacitti Cup and the Finnigan Cup, because this neighborhood is so community oriented. I’m pleased to be here for both of them.”

“I am honored that Sheriff Cabral came to the opening ceremony again this year,” said King. “The Sheriff is a true friend of the Savin Hill community and I can’t say how much I appreciate all the support both she and the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department have given the tournament over the past seven years.”

As part of the tournament’s other attractions, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department’s K–9 unit performed drug detection and criminal apprehension demonstrations while officers handed out Sheriff Cabral’s safety tips activity coloring books and Junior Deputy Badges to the youngsters at the park.

The boys’ championship game was held between Savin Hill and the Parkway. When the game ended, Savin Hill came away victorious with a winning score of 11–9 and, for the first time in tournament history, the honor of having their name added to the Pacitti Cup. The Championship Game MVP went to Savin Hill’s Zack Pessia. The Finnigan Cup Girls’ Softball Championship was won by the Parkway team, which won both of its games to take the coveted title.

At the conclusion of the weekend’s festivities King said, “Each and every team did a great job over the course of the tournaments and all of the participants deserve to be congratulated. I also want to thank all the sponsors, organizers and Richard’s family for all that they do each year to make this event possible.”

With proceeds raised through the events, the tournament committee was able to offer scholarships in both Pacitti’s and Finnigan’s name to several of the players. Scholarship awards go towards helping defray the cost of education tuition fees, school supplies and/or school books.


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