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June 8, 2012

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Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Assistant Deputy Superintendent Joe Casey, Deputy Patrick O’Brien, Superintendent of the Nashua Street Jail Eugene Sumpter, Deputy Stephen Miller and Deputy Superintendent Cliff Carney following the 15th Annual Correctional Employee of the Year Awards Ceremony at the MA State House.

Deputies Stephen Miller and Patrick O’Brien received honors during the 15th Annual Correctional Employee of the Year Awards Ceremony.

Each year, the state’s 14 sheriffs and the Massachusetts Commissioner of Correction nominate exemplary employees for these prestigious awards. A selection committee comprised of leaders from the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, the Massachusetts Department of Correction, the Massachusetts Sheriffs’ Association, the Massachusetts Correction Officer Federated Union and the offices of Senator James E. Timilty and Representative Harold P. Naughton Jr. decides which employees will be honored.

Held this year on June 1st at the Massachusetts State House in the House of Representatives Chamber, Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department employees Deputy O’Brien and Deputy Miller were each awarded a Meritorious Award for their heroic actions in responding to a motor vehicle accident that occurred this past winter.

On February 9th, 2011 while assigned to transportation and preparing to return seven detainees to the Nashua Street Jail from the Dorchester Courthouse in Codman Square, Deputies Miller and O’Brien witnessed a two–car accident on Melville Avenue. As a result of the collision, one of the vehicles rolled over on its side with the engine still running.

After calling the situation in to Central Control, and securing the detainees with the assistance of courthouse staff, Deputies O’Brien and Miller administered medical assistance to the unconscious male occupant of the overturned vehicle. While utilizing their medical training, the deputies were able to communicate with the victim once he regained consciousness, thus preventing further injury.

Deputies Miller and O’Brien assisted the victim until members of the Boston Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services arrived to extricate the man from the wreck by cutting the roof from his vehicle.

At the ceremony – which featured Mary Elizabeth Heffernan, Secretary of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS); Undersecretary for EOPSS, Sandra M. McCroom; and Department of Correction Commissioner, Luis S. Spencer among other notable attendees – the Deputies were presented with their awards by Superintendent of the Nashua Street Jail Eugene Sumpter, and received praise from officials and attendees alike.

“We see the work that you do on a daily basis,” said Secretary Heffernan. “Your job is extremely challenging and extremely important. We’re proud of you, and we’re grateful to you.”

“I am always humbled and honored to be able to recognize the job that you do,” added Undersecretary McCroom. “I also want to recognize the families of the people being honored here today for all of the sacrifices you make in sending them to work every day.”

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