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February 7, 2011

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The Thirty–Nine new officers of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department.

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department recently welcomed thirty–nine new recruits to the ranks of officers serving at the Nashua Street Jail during a graduation ceremony held at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel in South Boston.

As former students of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Correction Officer Training Academy (COTA) Class 10–01, the new officers successfully navigated the Department’s rigorous twelve–week academy for the right to take their place among the other distinguished members of the Department’s custody staff.

During their twelve weeks of academy instruction, all officer candidates are required to successfully complete a variety of class instruction including, but not limited to: use of force continuum, firearm safety and handling, suicide prevention, ethics and professionalism, courtroom testimony, inmate education and programming, CORI and inmate rights and responsibilities, contraband control, fire safety, CPR, sexual harassment, cross–gender supervision and report writing.

Before leading the members of COTA Class 10–01 through the Correction Officer’s Oath, Superintendent of the House of Correction and Special Sheriff Gerard Horgan delivered congratulations and encouragement for the work that lies ahead for the graduates.

“To the family and friends of these new officers, I want you to know that your loved one is coming to work for a Sheriff’s Department that is the 30th largest corrections department in the country out of 3,365, the 4th largest law enforcement department in Massachusetts and is larger than 64 of the 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth.”

“I want to congratulate all of the new officers for their achievement,” continued Superintendent Horgan. “I want you to strive for excellence. Be our new generation of leaders. You will make a difference.”

Addressing the assembly on behalf of his thirty–nine classmates as their elected president of COTA Class 10–01, Officer Kharee Mallard spoke about the trials and triumphs experienced over the course of twelve–weeks in the academy.

“It was no crystal staircase getting to this point,” said Officer Mallard. “But, you don’t realize how strong you are becoming until you’re put to the test and then you apply what you’ve learned. I stand before you today with immense gratitude and admiration. I want to thank Sheriff Cabral and the training staff on behalf of the COTA Class 10–01 for allowing us this achievement and fulfillment. Today, we can appreciate the hard work and adversity that we overcame and we can stand tall with our heads held high and say, ‘We did it.’”

As the Assistant Deputy Superintendent of Training for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, Yolanda Smith is tasked with the cultivation of both custody and non–custody employees of the Department. As such, she has witnessed firsthand the transformation that each member of the training class made as they steadily grew individually and as a unit.

“You thirty–nine officers have truly earned your positions as officers here at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department,” said ADS Smith. “You have demonstrated dedication and compassion and you have shown excellence and leadership. You have met every standard and have risen to every challenge. Congratulations.”

Before addressing the graduates directly, Nashua Street Jail Superintendent Eugene Sumpter delivered greetings and congratulations from Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral, who could not attend the graduation due to her commitment to serve on the same day as a member of the United States Department of Justice Science Advisory Board, which was assembled by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and convened in Washington D.C.

“I would like to first thank the families, friends, loved ones and supporters of the graduates because it is important to emphasize how much your support has meant and the significant role your continued support will play in our officers’ future success,” said Superintendent Sumpter, before turning to the graduating class. “You have accomplished something here that literally hundreds of others have not. You should be as proud of yourselves as we all are of you and you should hope for as much for yourselves as we all hope for you. Congratulations on your success in the academy and good luck on–line. I look forward to seeing you at the Jail.”

The members of the COTA 10–01 graduating class are, in alphabetical order:

Ronald Bernard, Jeffrey Dandridge, Joshua De La Rosa, Dennis DeCarney, Matthew Dennehy, Joseph DiGangi, Peter DiNatale, Benjamin Donovan, Christopher Ellis, William Fisher, Nicholas Gentile, Joseph Hobin, Eric Hulbig, Timothy Jones, Mark Joyce, Lornece Joyner, Michael Keenan, Andrew Kelly, Andrew Khoury, Christopher King, David Lydon, Kharee Mallard, Jonathan Mann, Shaun McBrien, Shawn McCusker, Curtis McSorley, Christopher Milano, Zachary Miller, Colleen Murphy, Ryan Murphy, William Nelson, Bridget O’Connor, Michelle Pacheco, Charles Patch, Ariel Rodriguez, William Ryan, Eric Saulnier, Ryan Saunders, and Abriana Spagnoli.

Special awards were given to the top performers of COTA 10–01 including: Shaun McBrien – Drill Instructor’s Award; Kharee Mallard – Unit Citation Award, Matthew Dennehy – Physical Fitness Award; and William Fisher – Top Gun Award.

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