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October 15, 2010

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Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral speaks to an assembly of the Retired Teachers Chapter of the Boston Teachers Union.

Recently, Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral visited the Boston Teacher’s Union to speak with members of the Retired Teachers Chapter (RTC) about some of the safeguards and security precautions they can take in order to help them avoid becoming the victims of crime.

Touching upon the specific kinds of crimes that seniors are often targeted for, Sheriff Cabral offered several concrete actions for seniors to employ to help prevent against identity theft, robberies, email and telephone scams, muggings, and other dangers.

“It is important to protect your personal information at all times,” said Sheriff Cabral, warning of the growing threat of identity theft among seniors. “All they need from you is your name and your social security number – with those, they can open credit cards in your name, steal medical coverage and defraud you in other ways.”

“You should never, ever give anyone information about you – and this includes your date of birth and address – either on the phone, in person or via the Internet unless you know them or have solicited their services,” Sheriff Cabral continued. “People have lost thousands of dollars and have suffered great damage to their credit scores because of people who have taken this information and opened up credit cards in their names.”

Sheriff Cabral then went on to speak about personal safety, both at home and out in the streets. Advising the group against allowing strangers access into their houses – including utility service workers and those claiming to be law enforcement officials – without the proper credentials or previously scheduled appointments, Sheriff Cabral also provided tips about staying safe and avoiding theft when walking in the neighborhood.

At the conclusion of the presentation, RTC Chairman David Donovan talked about his great appreciation for Sheriff Cabral’s visit.

“There had recently been a lot of attention focused on identity theft against seniors, so it was clear that this was a topic that we should address with our members,” said Donovan. “I asked around and heard that Sheriff Cabral gives a great presentation on this topic, and when we contacted her about coming to do this event, she very graciously accepted.”

“It was well worth our time,” Donovan went on. “She was excellent and people really liked her. She’s a great speaker and she really hit the mark on things that are important to us and also things that we weren’t even aware of. She was terrific.”

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