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October 1, 2010

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Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral with young participants in the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative’s annual “Walk for Dudley.”

Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral recently took part in the annual “Walk for Dudley” in Roxbury.

The Walk, which originated in 2005 and spans 2.5 miles around the Dudley Street area, is a fundraising pledge event that celebrates and supports the neighborhood’s community– based organizations that have been working to transform the Dudley St. area into a vibrant urban village.

To this end, the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) – “a nonprofit community–based planning and organizing entity rooted in the Roxbury/North Dorchester neighborhoods of Boston” – organized the Walk as a means to show support for the community by highlighting the accomplishments achieved by residents and non–profit agencies, and to give residents and visitors the opportunity to get involved in future planning for the area.

DSNI works to implement resident–driven plans partnering with nonprofit organizations, community development corporations (CDCs), businesses and religious institutions serving the neighborhood, as well as banks, government agencies, corporations and foundations.

Among several sites visited along the Walk were the Food Project on Dudley Street, Children’s Services of Roxbury and the Youth & Police Partnership program, and the 90,000 square foot Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center, which is currently in mid–construction in the Dudley–Uphams neighborhood.

Before embarking on the Walk, DSNI Executive Director John Barros provided the introduction for Sheriff Cabral’s address, praising her work within the community and her availability to residents.

“Sheriff Cabral is one of the most big–hearted people you’ll meet,” said Barros. “If you don’t know her personally, then you ought to get to know her because she’s accessible like that, especially to the young people of our community. She is here in the community often and she is an important friend to the community.”

Speaking to the pre–Walk crowd gathered in the Ralph Waldo Emerson schoolyard, Sheriff Cabral voiced her own appreciation for the many people who work to improve the neighborhood and offered encouragement for the work that still lies ahead.

“Every single thing that you do, whether you’re in public service or you’re in private employment and you’re helping your community, it is an investment and you’re helping your community,” said Sheriff Cabral. “And, just like anything else, the more you invest the bigger the return you’ll get and at the end of the day, investing in the safety of the neighborhood and the cleanliness of the neighborhood, the economic growth of the neighborhood – all of those things are just hugely important.”

“This is some of the best real estate in the city and it’s got some of the best people in the city in it,” continued Sheriff Cabral. “It deserves our attention. It deserves our investment. It deserves our time, energy and sweat – all of those things – to make it the kind of community that is worthy of us. It’s a reciprocal relationship. So, I want everybody to have a great time today, but keep investing in the community and the dividends will comeback to you tenfold.”

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