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September 3, 2010

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Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral displays her new “Torchbearer” award along with Empower Peace/Women2Women Director Sheila Capone–Wulsin.

Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral was recently honored, along with several other distinguished guests, during the 2010 Empower Peace Awards. Held inside the State Room in Downtown Boston’s Sixty State Street building, the event was hosted by the organization’s Women2Women’s International Young Women’s Leadership Program.

Receiving the “Torchbearer” award, Sheriff Cabral was honored for her “commitment to promoting the status of women worldwide.” Along with Sheriff Cabral, awardees also included Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, State Senator Joan Menard, and Todd Patkin, President of Todd G. Patkin Companies.

Introduced by Rick Rendon, founder of Empower Peace and Senior Partner of The Rendon Group, Sheriff Cabral stepped to the podium to receive her award and to speak about her appreciation of the organization hosting the ceremony.

“I appreciate this award very, very much,” said Sheriff Cabral. “I’m really very honored by it. This is the most amazing group of women that I’ve ever been in a room with. There is a level of talent, intelligence, energy, and creativity that just leaps off of you. When we say that the world is going to change, it is going to change because of you. This program offers such value to the world.”

Returning the sentiment to Sheriff Cabral was Director of Empower Peace/Women2Women Sheila Capone–Wulsin who said, “Sheriff Cabral was fabulous and we were honored to have her for the event.”

Sharing Sheriff Cabral’s admiration for the women in the program, Capone–Wulsin described some of the details behind the program and the women who make it a success.

“The goal of Women2Women is to empower future young women leaders – primarily from the Middle East, Near and Far East and the United States – to learn first–hand from established, professional women leaders and inspire them to take leadership roles in their own communities and countries,” said Capone–Wulsin. “We had approximately 100 women from over 20 countries that were selected to participate in this year’s conference. These amazing young women are accepted into the W2W program based on their academic achievements, dedication to their community, leadership experience, personal essays and extracurricular activities.”

Empower Peace is, as stated by their website, “committed to building bridges of cultural understanding, respect and collaborative action between high school aged youth in the U.S. and around the world. Founded in 2003, Empower Peace bridges cultural and communication divides between young people worldwide, doing so by using the latest interactive technologies and intensive leadership training to break down misconceptions and build meaningful relationships and skills.”

In 2006, Empower Peace launched the Women2Women International Leadership Program to bring together promising young women, aged 15–19, from the United States, Arab, and Muslim world. Working with educational partners, Women2Women engages these young women in the issues that define their lives and enables them to take action in their own communities. Since its inception in 2006, nearly 1,100 young women have participated in Women2Women. Women2Women Participants have come from 21 states in the U.S. and from 70 countries including: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Canada, Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, South Africa, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Scotland, Uzbekistan,and Yemen.

For more information about Empower Peace and the Women2Women International Young Women’s Leadership Program, visit:

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