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July 30, 2010

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Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral (middle) with (left to right) City Year Senior Vice Presidents Stephanie Wu and Charles Rose, Co–Founder and CEO Michael Brown, and Vice President Nancy Routh at the City Year Summer Academy.

Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral recently addressed members of City Year at the close of the City Year Summer Academy.

As the organization’s official annual retreat, the Summer Academy brings together City Year staff and senior corps members from around the country and affiliate nations to network, share knowledge and collaborate. Members also utilize the time together to share best practices, reconnect with the mission and values of City Year and to review major strategies and objectives for the coming year.

Before launching into what would be a particularly inspirational address, Sheriff Cabral drew a boisterous and resounding response from the assembly as she opened her remarks asking, “Are you ready to change the world?”

Touching upon her experiences as the Sheriff of Suffolk County and her prior experience as a prosecutor, Sheriff Cabral spoke about the great need for the services provided by organizations like City Year and the committed people who keep them running.

“In my work as a prosecutor for sixteen years and currently as the Sheriff of Suffolk County, I see people with these tremendous gaps, absences and deficits in their lives,” said Sheriff Cabral. “And while we have to hold people accountable for their actions and in no way excuse their behavior, I often wonder what could have happened differently for them that would have changed the direction of their lives.”

“Almost to a person,” continued Sheriff Cabral, “I have found that most of them have lacked even a single person in their lives to help and encourage them, to say that they believed in them. Many of the graduates of our programs inside the House of Correction are in their 30’s and I have heard repeatedly that it is the first time that they’ve achieved something in their lives. It is inspiring to know that, as members of City Year, you will be out there in the schools and communities working to help fill those gaps, those deficits, that thing that is missing for some people.”

Following the close of ceremonies, members of City Year’s executive team expressed their great admiration and gratitude toward the day’s guest speaker.

“City Year is about engaging and inspiring people to make positive change,” said Michael Brown, Chief Executive Officer and Co–Founder of City Year. “Sheriff Cabral is a perfect speaker to both engage and inspire our corps because she has been an agent for change herself.”

“Sheriff Cabral knows intimately what it takes to help people to achieve and succeed and we can’t say enough about her efforts with us throughout the years,” said City Year Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer Nancy Routh.

Summarizing the event most succinctly was Charles Rose, Senior Vice President and Dean at City Year, who spoke of Sheriff Cabral’s past commitment while looking forward to her continued support of the organization.

“Sheriff Cabral brought a magnificent end to our Summer Academy,” said Rose. “She has been a great supporter of City Year for quite some time now and we’re thankful that she continues to lend us her experience and leadership.”

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