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June 18, 2010

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Sheriff Cabral with James Maguire from the Admiral’s Tower Cooperative Complex in Chelsea where she visited and administered the Senior ID Program.

Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral and Department staff recently visited the Admiral’s Tower Cooperative Complex to administer the Sheriff’s Department Senior ID Program to its elder residents.

Created by the Sheriff’s Department, the Senior ID program provides Suffolk County Seniors with a concise and comprehensive identification card that serves as an important aid to medical responders, should an emergency arise and the holder is unable to communicate. The ID cards include a photo of the cardholder, his or her name, address, blood type, and medical history, and the name and phone number of the cardholder’s physician and emergency contact, as well as other pertinent information.

During the event, Sheriff Cabral greeted residents of the complex and spoke about the importance of the program.

“We are here today to bring you one of the many community programs that we offer through the Sheriff’s Department,” said Sheriff Cabral. “The information printed on your Senior ID card is very important because, in the case of an emergency in which you are unconscious or unable to respond to emergency medical technicians (EMT’s), they can look at your card and know who your primary care physician is and what the critical aspects of your medical condition might be. They will be able to read on your Senior ID card if you are a diabetic or if you are allergic to certain medications, which can help them to determine the best course of action to take.”

Speaking about her earlier years as an assistant district attorney and assistant attorney general, Sheriff Cabral explained that it was her experience with cases involving seniors who had been victims of identity theft or had fallen prey to various scams targeting the elderly that was the impetus for creating not only the Senior ID Program, but also a Senior Safety Tips brochure. The brochure was designed to provide older residents of Suffolk County with the kind of information that can help them to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations should they arise.

“Don’t second–guess yourself,” Sheriff Cabral advised her audience. “If something makes you feel nervous or if something doesn’t feel right – follow that feeling. It is your instinct that protects you and you should always listen to your instincts. This is all about you feeling safe. Don’t be embarrassed to speak up. Don’t be afraid to speak up.”

Commenting on the day’s event, several members of the Admiral’s Tower Complex thanked Sheriff Cabral for taking the time to come out and deliver such an important message.

“Sheriff Cabral gave us a great presentation,” said resident James Maguire. “It is very important to keep your eyes open and watch what you are doing.”

“It is an excellent idea to bring this program to the seniors,” said Anne Marie Robinson, Organizer for Admiral’s Towers. “It was nice that the Sheriff came to visit and answer questions from the residents of the complex.”

Before closing her session with the group, Sheriff Cabral reiterated her message of safety and awareness for the seniors assembled before her.

“It is better to be safe than sorry,” said Sheriff Cabral. “The more information you have, the better able you are to protect yourselves. These programs that we are providing to you are designed to help, and I am honored to be able to do it.”

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