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May 17, 2010

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“Common Ground: A Progress Report of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department — 2004–2010.”

Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral and the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department have released a new report detailing some of the significant reforms and improvements that have been achieved within the Department over the course of the past six years.

The report, titled “Common Ground: A Progress Report of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department – 2004–2010,” provides a detailed illustration of the great ideological and organizational changes that have been realized by the Department, changes that began within the first days Sheriff Cabral’s appointment to the post in 2002.

Approximately one month before Sheriff Cabral was sworn into office, a report was issued by an independent commission tasked with conducting a full review of Department operations. The Stern Commission – led by former United States Attorney Donald K. Stern under the direction of Governor Swift – identified multiple leadership and other failures within the Department’s management structure, practices and procedures, and offered more than 75 separate recommendations to improve conditions within the Department.

Since that time, Sheriff Cabral – along with members of the Department’s staff – has worked to improve the Department as a whole and restore the level of public trust by presiding over reforms that reach far beyond the recommendations made by the Stern Commission.

Among the extensive accounting of achievements contained in the “Common Ground…” report are: significant upgrades and improvements to custody and non–custody staff training, hiring standards and practices, and promotions policy; the addition of comprehensive mental, medical, and dental services for inmates and detainees; a major overhaul and enhancement of educational and vocational services for inmates; a wide array of community outreach programs; vast improvement to the Department’s physical plant at both the Nashua Street Jail and House of Correction through capital projects and facility maintenance, which has resulted in the substantial savings of tax dollars and the incorporation of green technologies where applicable.

To read “Common Ground: A Progress Report of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department – 2004–2010” in its entirety, visit to download a copy. A summary of the report is also available online for download.

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