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April 2, 2010

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Members of a Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Community Works Program crew remove debris from a demolition site at the Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea.

Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral recently visited the Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea to tour the facility and meet with Commandant Michael Resca as part of an effort to strengthen the collaboration that has developed between the two organizations over the years.

A state–funded, fully accredited health care complex that offers veterans such services as long term care, skilled nursing, full–time residential accommodations, a multi–service outpatient department and more, the Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea has been a critical institution for American veterans for more than a century.

As in years past, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department has offered the services of its Community Works Program (CWP) to assist the Soldiers’ Home, this time to provide some needed maintenance and demolition work to the organization at no cost.

The Department’s CWP program was created for low–risk inmates at the HOC who have received vocational training through Sheriff Cabral’s Common Ground institute in areas that include landscaping and ground maintenance, painting, building maintenance, and carpentry.

Once training is completed, inmates are then transported into Suffolk County to utilize these skills to make improvements to public spaces. The goal of the program is to reduce recidivism by teaching inmates to become employable citizens upon release, while also saving thousands of tax dollars on each project the crews work on.

Speaking about the efforts undertaken by the CWP crew on behalf of the Sheriff’s Department, Commandant Resca was praiseful for both the work being done and the people who made it possible.

“The officers and the crew have been phenomenal,” said Commandant Resca. “They really care about the work they’re doing and you can tell that the programs that they’ve been through are successful by the way they behave. I want to thank Sheriff Cabral for everything that she’s done with us here.”

Offering her assessment of the positive results achieved by the Department’s programming, Sheriff Cabral stressed that success is ultimately a choice that each person must be ready to make.

“We do have some of the best and brightest in the field of corrections working to make our programming successful for the people in our care, custody, and control,” said Sheriff Cabral. “But, for all of our programming, the people have to want to change. We can’t make them change. But, we do have the resources in place to help them when they do make the change. Many of them have good potential and they can do so much more than they have done.”

At the close of her visit, Sheriff Cabral thanked Commandant Resca and returned some of his earlier praise.

“I am glad that the Department has been able to partner with the Soldiers’ Home and offer our services,” Sheriff Cabral said. “What you do here is amazing and you can see that it is truly a labor of love.”

First established in 1882 to provide care for Civil War participants, the Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea has been serving America’s veterans continuously ever since. As stated in the organization’s literature, the mission of the Soldiers’ Home is “to provide the highest level of comprehensive care, while respecting the psycho–social, spiritual, and cultural needs of our veterans and their families. We are always striving to extend comfort, dignity and responsive care to all of our patients.”

For more information about the Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea, call (617) 884-5660 or visit:

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