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February 22, 2010

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Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral stands among the Department’s nine newly promoted captains.

Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral promoted to the rank of captain nine custody staff members from the Suffolk County House of Correction and the Nashua Street Jail during a recent ceremony.

Attended by friends, family and several members of the Sheriff’s Executive Staff and employees of the Department, the special service was held at the Suffolk County House of Correction.

Prior to the commencement of the traditional pinning ceremony for new captains, members of the Department’s leadership team spoke about the merits of those chosen for promotion.

“The credit goes to the people who get in the game and work hard to achieve,” said HOC Superintendent and Special Sheriff Gerard Horgan. “These are leaders and can–do people.”

“We’re talking about nine individuals who are being recognized for their talents and commitment,” said Superintendent of the Nashua Street Jail Eugene Sumpter. “They’ve continued to grow and improve in their work as Department employees.”

Thanking the friends and relatives of the Department’s newly appointed captains for their continued support, Sheriff Cabral also expressed gratitude for the tireless efforts given by staff members to carry out the Department’s mission.

“I want to thank the Executive Staff and all of the members of the Department,” said Sheriff Cabral. “We wouldn’t be able to do any of the things that we do without the work that you do.”

Turning her focus to the event’s honorees, Sheriff Cabral commended her new captains for attaining this distinction.

“You’ve stepped up and you are among the best in the Department,” Sheriff Cabral said. “Strong leadership is the key to success. I congratulate you all and welcome you to your new roles as captains.”

Those Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department employees chosen to proudly wear the mantle of captain, from both the Nashua Street Jail and the House of Correction, were (in alphabetical order): Nick Adams, Alex Basile, Mark Charles, Todd Flynn, Paul Guthro, Richard McCarthy, Matt Mullen, Frank Taylor, and Sylvia Thomas.

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