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February 12, 2010

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Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral recently spoke with a group of Assistant District Attorneys from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. The ADAs visited with Sheriff Cabral before taking part in a guided tour of the Suffolk County House of Correction.

Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral recently hosted a group of Assistant District Attorneys from Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley’s office for a tour of the House of Correction (HOC).

Welcoming the group to the HOC, Sheriff Cabral spoke with the ADAs about her own experience working as an ADA in the District and Superior Courts in the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office from 1987–1991, and about the great responsibility and potential for positive impact that the work entails.

“Anyone can practice law but being a good lawyer is a very different thing,” Sheriff Cabral said. “What you learn in the DA’s office can translate to any place you go. Your experience there teaches you about navigating the world.”

“But,” Sheriff Cabral cautioned, “the day that you start painting everyone with the same broad brush is the day that you should get out of the business, because your job is one that requires you to exercise judgment in every instance.”

Helping to provide them with a healthy measure of perspective, Sheriff Cabral explained to the visiting group the intent behind their upcoming tour through the House of Correction.

“I think it’s important to have you come in here and tour the facilities because you should know where you are sending people,” Sheriff Cabral said. “I believe that it can make the difference when it comes to deciding what kind of sentence to recommend. It gives you a different perspective to call upon when you suggest where it is that people should go. It should always give you a little bit of pause before you recommend jail time.”

Following their meeting with Sheriff Cabral, the group of ADAs were led by HOC Superintendent and Special Sheriff Gerard Horgan who toured through the facility, stopping at several key locations including the Booking and Property areas, Medical Unit, Education, and several inmate housing units.

Along the tour, Superintendent Horgan provided insight about the Department and its functions and fielded questions from the group about such topics as average length of sentence; disciplinary procedures; medical care; security and safety; programming and education; and several other subjects.

At the conclusion of the visit, Christina Miller – Chief of District Courts and Community Prosecutions for Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley – summarized the group’s experience as both enlightening and essential.

“I believe that it’s a great learning tool that they can use as they move forward in their careers,” said Chief Miller of the tour. “This is my second time bringing in a group of Assistant District Attorneys to the House of Correction and it is always an eye–opening experience for people to see not only the realities of life in one of the facilities to which they’re sending people, but also some of the positive programming that is available here for them to take advantage of. I’d also like to thank Sheriff Cabral for welcoming us into the House of Correction and for providing our group with the opportunity to gain a wider perspective of the Sheriff’s Department.”

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