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October 23, 2009

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Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Corporal Dan Hickey and the members of Winthrop’s Troop #75.

Recently, when Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Corporal Dan Hickey heard that Winthrop’s Boy Scout Troop #75 was in need of volunteer assistance, he immediately leapt at the opportunity to lend a hand.

Seeking adult volunteers to assist troop members in learning about subjects from which they could earn their Merit Badges, the group’s leaders called upon Corporal Hickey to deliver some of the wisdom that he had gleaned from his twenty–four years with the Department.

As a member of the Department’s Training Division, Cpl. Hickey works with other members of the Division to instruct custody and non–custody staff and several city and state agencies in such practices as CPR, First Aid, Emergency Plans, and Fire Safety, among many others.

Realizing the need that the troop had for a fire safety instructor, Hickey volunteered his personal time to help the troop members earn their badges by hosting them at the Training Division facility in Chelsea, where he utilized some of the most current and effective techniques and teachings available for fire safety.

According to Hickey, the opportunity to further Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral’s external mission to assist Suffolk County in the area of public safety, while providing youngsters with the kind of valuable lesson that could potentially stay with them for a lifetime, was too important to let pass.

“When Troop #75’s leaders asked about who would be involved in teaching the students their Merit Badge subjects, I saw that fire safety was one of the subjects that needed an instructor,” said Hickey. “We also have the resources and equipment available in the Chelsea Training Center to train students and so, as a community outreach advocate, Assistant Deputy Superintendent and Supervisor of Training Yolanda Smith was kind enough to allow us to use the training facility. I just donated my time.”

“It’s important that young people learn how to respond in a critical situation,” Hickey continued. “It’s also important that they know how to use the equipment effectively as well. The class was a success and it was great to be able to offer the students the opportunity to learn skills that could potentially save lives.”

Founded in 1987, Boy Scout Troop #75 is open to boys attending school in grades 6 through 12. To learn more about how you can volunteer with Troop #75, visit:

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