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August 14, 2009

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Sandy Zamor Calixte, Coordinator of Community Outreach and Youth Programs for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, takes a photograph of a senior participant aboard the Annual Boston Police Department Area B-3 Senior Cruise.

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department recently brought the Senior ID program aboard Mass Bay Lines’ boat the “Freedom” in support of the Boston Police Department’s 10th Annual Area B-3 Senior Boat Cruise.

Members of the Sheriff’s Department joined with a volunteer team made up of Area B-3 officers, Boston’s Emergency Medical Services, Massachusetts State Police, the Mattapan Community Development Corporation, and other community organizations to help make the cruise a success for the 270-plus seniors in attendance.

One of the volunteers from the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department was Janice Welch, Executive Assistant to the Chief of External Affairs and Communications.

As she helped to distribute food and utensils among the seniors seated by the rows of tables throughout the vessel, Welch remarked about the great spirit of the participants aboard the cruise, saying, “This is such a nice event. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and it’s good to be able to help out.”

Along with a hearty lunch, seniors were treated to a mix of danceable classic and current music that was provided by a live DJ, before Sheriff’s Department staff members administered the Senior ID to eager celebrants.

Created by the Sheriff’s Department, the Senior ID program provides Suffolk County Seniors with a concise and comprehensive identification card that serves as an important aid to medical responders, should an emergency arise and the holder is unable to communicate. The ID cards include a photo of the cardholder, his or her name, address, blood type, and medical history, and the name and phone number of the cardholder’s physician and an emergency contact, as well as other pertinent information.

As the crew of the Freedom made final preparations for docking, State Representative Willie Mae Allen – another visitor aboard the ship – spoke about the event and some of the people who helped to make it special.

It’s really great to see Sheriff Cabral and the Department supporting our seniors like this,” said Representative Allen. “It’s always a good time and it really means a lot to the people who participate in the cruise each year.”

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