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July 3, 2009

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Deputy Director of External Affairs and Communications Ed Geary staffed a table at the recent Central Boston Elder Services “United For Elders Expo” event.

This past summer, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department attended Central Boston Elder Services’ “4th Annual United For Elders Expo” at UMass-Boston.

The United for Elders Expo is, say members of Central Boston Elder Services (CBES), “an incredible platform developed to accomplish our goal of teaching individuals how to navigate the Home Care system before they are in a crisis.” The event has reportedly grown throughout the past three years and estimates indicated that the Expo attracted a record number of attendees.

According to literature provided by CBES, more than 1,200 elders, caregivers, exhibitors and volunteers have benefited by learning about the elder service network via workshops, demonstrations, health screenings and presentations from this year’s event. In addition to the annual Expo event, CBES was celebrating its 35th year of service to the elderly and disabled of Boston.

Founded in 1974 by a collaborative of community leaders and elder activists from nine Boston neighborhoods named Area II Home Care for Senior Citizens, the group was renamed a decade later as the Central Boston Elder Services. The organization’s mission remains “to provide high quality, responsive, supportive services and programs to the elderly and the disabled in need of health and human services. Central Boston Elder Services seeks in its philosophy to provide services in a manner which reinforces dignity and worth of the individuals and also acknowledges and respects cultural sensitivity, gender and other differences, while serving the community with vision and integrity.”

Staffing a table at the Expo, Ed Geary, Jr. - Deputy Director of External Affairs and Communications for the Sheriff’s Department - distributed Sheriff Cabral’s “Crime Prevention Tips for Seniors” booklet, which provides information about a variety of precautions that seniors can take in their day-day-lives such as using direct deposit for Social Security and other checks; not carrying large amounts of cash or credit cards; requesting ID cards from people appearing at their homes claiming to be maintenance or appliance repair technicians; and many other safety tips.

Following the Expo, Deputy Director Geary commented on what was a very lively and well-attended event.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with organizers from various groups and introducing them to the Sheriff’s Department Senior ID program,” said Geary. “I talked with Lili Mei, Program Director for the Brighton House and we are currently working together with the Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center to bring our Senior ID program to hundreds of Boston seniors located at three different sites.”

“This is the second year that the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department has attended the United for Elders Expo and we look forward to continuing that partnership on behalf of our seniors again next year.”

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