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May 28, 2009

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Sheriff’s Department employees brought the Ident-a-Youth program to the youngsters at during the C-11 bike safety day.

Officers from the Boston Police District Area C-11 held their 2nd Annual Bike Rodeo on Saturday, May 23, at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) parking lot on Freeport Street in Dorchester. Officer Dennis Rorie reached out to other local agencies and organizations to join the bike safety day and share safety information with families and youngsters of Dorchester.

“This is the age that we want to stress to our kids that safety helmets are important. A head injury can be a devastating thing,” said organizer and C-11 Officer Dennis Rorie.

With the assistance of volunteers and the C-11 Crossing Guards, a makeshift street – complete with a timed traffic light – was installed in the IBEW parking lot. At the event, kids were taught the importance of bike safety, which included stopping at a red light and looking around before proceeding on a green. There were also mock-up images of vehicles on posters, which volunteers would hold up when groups of kids came close along the route in an effort to teach them the importance of staying alert and how to properly respond to oncoming vehicles. 

“The safety of our youngsters is a high priority of Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral and the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department,” said Ed Geary, Jr., Deputy Director of the Sheriff’s Department Communications & External Affairs Division. “Bicycle safety is just one important component that the Sheriff’s Department brings to the children of Suffolk County through our ‘Safety Tips for Kids’ activity coloring book.”

The coloring book is a publication of the Sheriff’s Department, which features a host of puzzles and games created to help teach children about fire safety, avoiding contact with strangers, internet safety, the importance of wearing a seatbelt, bicycle safety, knowing their home address and telephone number, and other important items.

Representing the Sheriff’s Department at the event were Corporal Keith Chan, Officers Angela Epps and Richard Bloom, and employees Monique Twitty, Evelyn Castillo, and Lakia Fox. They conducted the Sheriff’s Department Ident–a–Youth program and handed out the safety tips coloring books along with Junior Deputy badges.

At the conclusion of the event, Officer Rorie expressed his appreciation of the day’s participants, saying, “The men and women of C-11 want to thank our many supporters; the C-11 Crossing Guards, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, State Representative Marty Walsh, Dot Bike, balloon artist Rami Salami, and the Boston Society of Vulcans.”

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