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February 6, 2009

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The graduates of Correction Officer Training Academy Class 0803.

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department recently graduated twenty–four new recruits from Correction Officer Training Academy (COTA) Class 08–03 and welcomed them into the ranks of officers serving within the Department.

In a ceremony that took place at the Back Bay Hilton in Boston’s Copley Square, Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral and members of her Department staff addressed the graduating officers before a standing room only crowd of supportive family members and friends.

Beginning her words with a somber acknowledgement of fallen soldier Matthew Pollini, who lost his life serving in Iraq and who was the son of Nashua Street Lieutenant Fred Pollini, Sheriff Cabral praised the officers for the dedication and commitment that they exhibited along the path to graduation.

“You have been tested physically and mentally,” said Sheriff Cabral. “You have accomplished something that literally hundreds of other applicants have not. The character that you exhibit and the lessons that you learn will determine the success you will have in your new career.”

Assistant Deputy Superintendent and Supervisor of Training for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Yolanda Smith also commended the graduates for their efforts, and encouraged them to establish themselves as examples for others to follow.

“I can’t say that I remember a class that worked as hard as the twenty–four of you did to prove that you belong in the Department,” ADS Smith remarked. “As you move forward in your careers here, find a mentor who can help to bring you along. And, always remember to be a mentor to those who come behind you.”

In recognition of the extra effort given by members of the graduating COTA Academy Class 08–03, awards were presented to five officers who best exemplified the high standards held by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department.

The officers receiving special recognition were: Mary Marren who was given the Drill Instructor’s Award; Nicholas Fisher, who received the Academic Honor Award; Patrick Walker, who was presented with the Physical Training Award; David Kuntz, who earned the Top Gun Award; and Sharon Smith, who garnered the Academy Unit Citation Award.

Speaking on behalf of his fellow graduates, COTA 08–03 Class President Daniel Allen, Jr. thanked Sheriff Cabral and the Department for the opportunity to serve, and credited his peers for coming together as both a team and family.

“It was a journey filled with uncertainty, but we all had a willingness to learn,” said Allen. “We helped each other. Those who were more physically able helped to push the others forward, and those who were more academically gifted acted as tutors to help get the others through.”

“It was hard, but each of us felt the support of our classmates,” Allen continued. “We were transformed from twenty–four individuals into one big team, succeeding thanks to the Department’s relentless demand for excellence. There is a lot of bright future’s ahead for the members of this class.”

Joining their classmates as officers from class 08–03 are: Adam Blom, Robert Carey Jr., Matthew Clerkin, Tyler Crocker, Gabriel D’Agostino III, Jeffrey DiGaetano, Ryan Dorgan, Michael Doucette, Carlos Dutra, Nathaniel Enos, Kevin Hamilton, Justin Hitchcock, Dennis Layden, Gerard McManus, Peter Mello, Brittney Nelson, Manuel Roberto, and Michael Ryan Jr.

Of the twenty–four officers graduating into service to the Department, twenty–three have been assigned to the House of Correction and one has been assigned to the Nashua Street Jail.

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