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December 4, 2008

CONTACT: Peter Van Delft
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Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral will be holding a free workshop – “Understanding C.O.R.I.: A Practical Guide To Understanding Your Criminal Offender Record Information” – at the University of Massachusetts/Boston on Saturday, December 13th from Noon to 2 p.m.

The C.O.R.I. is a collection of information that is assembled by the criminal justice system that refers to a single or multiple criminal charges for which one can be incarcerated. It contains an historical record about the history of every criminal case, which carries through the arrest, through court proceedings, to a non–guilty or guilty outcome, which could include a fine, probation, imprisonment, release, parole, and release from parole.

Created as a means to disseminate information between law enforcement entities, the C.O.R.I. has gained wider use as a tool for employers, agencies, and assorted organizations to screen individuals applying for employment and housing. While ample reason exists for the continued use of C.O.R.I. by members of the law enforcement and legal communities, many employers and organizations lack the training necessary to properly comprehend the information contained in the document. As a result, ex–offenders and those with C.O.R.I.’s are facing increased difficulty finding employment, housing, and obtaining various services.

“C.O.R.I. was created to share information between law enforcement agencies and it should still serve this purpose,” said Sheriff Cabral. “I believe strongly that law enforcement should have unfettered access to this information, and anyone else using it should definitely be trained.”

The workshop, conducted by Sheriff Cabral and Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Assistant General Counsel Tim Dooling, will feature a slide presentation that will provide answers to such questions as, among others: “What is C.O.R.I.?,” “How do I get a copy of my C.O.R.I.?,” “How do I challenge incorrect information on my C.O.R.I.?,” “What is the difference between sealing and expunging criminal records?” The workshop will also include a tutorial about how to properly read the C.O.R.I. and understand the numerous disposition codes that appear on the document, as well as a question and answer portion of the program. Attendees will receive informational handouts, including resource material produced by the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, which can be kept as a handy reference guide.

The free workshop, “Understanding C.O.R.I.: A Practical Guide To Understanding Your Criminal Offender Record Information,” will run from 12 noon through 2 p.m. at UMass/Boston’s Herbert Lipke Auditorium inside the Science Center, 100 Morrissey Boulevard, Dorchester, MA 02125. You can RSVP to: Janice Welch at (617) 635–1100 X 3155, or register online at:

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