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October 3, 2008

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The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department recently welcomed twenty–four new officers to work at the House of Correction (HOC) and the Nashua Street Jail (NSJ).

In a graduation ceremony, making its debut at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel in South Boston, the Corrections Officer Training Academy (COTA) class of 08–02 was officially brought online to serve in the Department by Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral who delivered the Correction Officer’s Oath during her presentation before family and friends of the class.

“I’d like to give thanks to the friends and family of these officers for the support of their loved ones during the academy training,” Sheriff Cabral said. “It’s a very important role that you’ve played in their lives during this process.”

“This is a physically and intellectually eclectic group, and that’s by design,” Sheriff Cabral continued. “These twenty four officers have made it through the academy to this profession out of one hundred applicants. You now have the strength and knowledge that only good training can give.”

With fourteen of the new officers slated for assignment at the HOC and ten set to begin their careers at the NSJ, Assistant Deputy Superintendent (ADS) and Supervisor of Training Yolanda Smith offered congratulations to the graduates and encouraged them to continue to aspire to new heights professionally.

“We’re proud of you,” ADS Smith said. “You worked hard and embraced the concept of teamwork very quickly. I’m confident that there are Choice officers and Honor Guard members in this class. There is a ladder here at the Sheriff’s Department and we expect each of you to climb it.”

Those officers receiving honors for their achievements during training are: Norman Stanikmas, Drill Instructor’s Award; Eric Strong, Academic Award; Greta Ehrstein, Physical Training Award; Craig Simpson, Top Gun Award; and John Ross O’Brien, Unit Citation Award.

The other members of the Class of 08–02 are Dennis Callahan, Michael Clary, Daniel Cotter, Ryan Darmon, Michael Dryer, Michael Gaudet, Ian Hickey, Sean Kirby, Marvin Lammare, John MacDonald, Gerald McCoy, John McInerney, Stephen O’Neill, Franklin Ortiz, Tyler Peters, Christopher Santos, Stanley Thermora, and Shaun Wilson.

Addressing his fellow graduates for the final time as classmates, COTA Class President Derek White thanked the Department staff and offered praise to the class of 08–02.

“We all have different strengths,” Officer White said. “And, we were all greatly challenged. But, our overall strength prevailed. We started as a team and we finished as a team. Our success is due to the staff of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department. I cannot put into words the thanks you deserve. You’ve not only touched us on a professional level but you’ve touched us personally.”

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