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June 27, 2008

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Five officers from the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department were honored at the 11th Annual Correction Officer of the Year Awards.

Held at the Massachusetts State House in the House of Representatives Chambers, Officers Paul Kemp, Richard Rondeau, Daniel Raymond, Alejandro Aguilar, and Brian Solomini were recognized by Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray for taking heroic actions that led them above and beyond the call of duty.

Looking on with pride, Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral stood with her Department’s officers as Lt. Governor Murray awarded the recipients.

“It is a great honor for our officers to be recognized today,” said Sheriff Cabral. “We are so very proud of them for the professional manner in which they represent the Department every day in their commitment to public safety, whether working inside our facilities or traveling throughout the community.”

Offering praise for Corrections Officers throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Lt. Governor Murray, too, made note of that commitment to public safety.

“Today we recognize officers who serve with integrity, dedication, and bravery both in and out of uniform,” said Murray. “They work on a daily basis to ensure that all of us will be safer as they watch over some of our most dangerous criminals.”

“Too often, we overlook this unsung arm of law enforcement,” Murray continued. “They work behind the scenes in a tough environment, often with little or no recognition. I am proud to honor them today.”

Prior to the presentation of honors, Secretary of the Executive Office of Public Safety Kevin Burke read a brief description depicting the selfless actions taken by each of the officers.

“Officer Paul Kemp will receive the Meritorious Conduct Award,” Secretary Burke read. “Officer Paul Kemp was on his way home from work on July 21, 2007. It was evening, and he was driving on Route 93 when he spotted a car on the side of the road. Something was clearly wrong, smoke was coming from the car and it looked like the engine was on fire.”

“Officer Kemp stopped his car and ran to the vehicle. There was an off duty State Trooper inside the car, unconscious. His vehicle door was stuck – it wouldn’t open. So, Officer Kemp smashed the rear window and pulled the trapped trooper out through the broken window. He then administered first aid while waiting for medical personnel to arrive.”

Humbly deflecting the attention being paid to his heroic actions, Officer Kemp returned praise to his Department.

“I just did what any officer should do,” said Kemp. “I just relied on the training that I’ve received with the Department and I’m glad that I was able to help in that situation.”

Receiving the Medal of Valor, Officers Richard Rondeau, Daniel Raymond, Alejandro Aguilar, and Brian Solomini were recognized for their actions in responding to a car accident and crash on Interstate 95 in Maine in which a man - suffering cardiac arrest – struck another vehicle and then plunged into a roadside ditch. The officers tended to the crash victim and administered life–saving CPR to the heart attack victim after racing across lanes of highway traffic without regard to their personal safety.

Jim Walsh, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Sheriff’s Association, attending the event, explained the significance of the honors received by the officers.

“It is very important that we give attention to the men and women of Corrections who have acted with character representing their departments as they have,” Walsh said. “It means a lot to them, but it also means a lot to their family members to see their loved ones honored for a job well done.”

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