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June 4, 2007

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Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral addressed the Mayor’s Senior Advisory Council of Boston on Friday, June 1. The elderly council known as the Triple A was held inside the Albert L. O’ Neil room on the 8th floor of Boston City Hall.

As guest speaker, Sheriff Cabral spoke about the role of the Sheriff’s Department and brought information about the Elderly ID program the Department runs for the elder citizens in Suffolk County.

The conference room was filled with over seventy seniors, representing different neighborhoods within the City of Boston, who were very attentive when Sheriff Cabral spoke.

“Everyone that comes to the Nashua Street Jail or the House of Correction gets released back into the communities they came from and most live within five miles of our facilities,” said Cabral. “I’m looking to have these individuals in a better position when they leave then they were when they arrived.”

Sheriff Cabral then discussed important safety tips on everything from being aware of one’s surroundings, watching out for fraud, and carrying personal alarms on key chains.

Computer crimes and scams to be leery of were mentioned. Also, the old saying still holds true, “that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Cabral passed on advice that was handed down to her through her family, stating, “You pay for every convenience.”

With all of the daily conveniences we have from online paperless banking, ATM’s, and e-mail marketing, these conveniences do have a price. Human ingenuity will allow the common criminal to devise ways of taking your hard earned money, mentioned Sheriff Cabral.

“It was great that Sheriff Cabral came to meet with our members,” said Joe Chaisson, the AAA Clerk. “The seniors asked a lot of really good questions and the Sheriff did a wonderful job of answering them.”

At the end of the question and answer session, Sheriff Cabral handed out Sheriff’s Department Safety Tips booklets and scheduled for the Department to come back and create Elderly ID’s for the seniors this fall.

“Sheriff Cabral was favorably received by the seniors and many of them want her to come back,” said Joanne Lee, Deputy Commissioner of Advocacy and Planning for the Commission on Affairs of the Elderly. “She gave out very important information on fraud, safety tips, home safety, and she interacted well with the group.”

For additional information about the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Elderly ID program, please visit the Department’s website at and look under Community Affairs.

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