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March 23, 2007

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Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral and staff at the South Bay House of Correction played host to a very important and informative tour this month as the department kicked off the first of its quarterly legislative tours at the facility.

On March 14, Sheriff Cabral and Legislative Affairs Director Matt O’ Malley offered a tour for a group of local elected officials and political leaders. On the tour was Mike Morris the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for Governor Deval Patrick, Senator Steven Tolman with Chip Payson his Chief of Staff, State Representatives Gloria Fox and Willie Mae Allen, Maryanne McHugh the Chief of Staff for Representative Marty Walsh, Reverend Dr. Gregory Groover of the Boston School Committee and Executive Director Greg Hughes of the Governor’s Interagency council on substance abuse and prevention.

After introductions and a brief overview of the department offered by Sheriff Cabral and Chief of Staff Ann Powers, there was a discussion surrounding issues of substance abuse and mental health as it pertains to the Suffolk County facilities. This was followed by a question and answer session between the sheriff, department staff and the guests. The group then visited the Common Ground Institute (CGI) workshop, the medical unit, and the women’s programming area.

“By hosting quarterly legislative tours of the department, Sheriff Cabral is able to showcase the great work being done by the officers and staff and promote the department to a wider audience,” said Director O’Malley. “By working with her colleagues in government, the sheriff is showing her commitment to building a stronger and safer Suffolk County.”

Holding this kind of a tour is a prime example of how the Sheriff’s Department can work with other city and state agencies in crafting innovative public safety strategies and foster a better atmosphere of understanding and rehabilitation for incarcerated individuals.

“The Sheriff’s Department was thrilled that these individuals took time out of their busy schedules to tour the House of Correction,” said South Bay House of Correction Superintendent Gerard Horgan. “We were impressed with the group’s knowledge of the issues that we face in corrections.”

“I was very impressed with the services rendered by management to the inmates and their positive attitudes toward the sheriff and staff,” said Representative Allen after the tour. “I feel optimistic that those men and women will soon be released and will become productive members of this society.”

“We were also proud to show them the quality medical and mental health care that is available to the men and women committed to our care,” commented Superintendent Horgan. “The Sheriff and the Command Staff look forward to working with these leaders in the coming months and years.”

Unable to attend the tour, Representative Walsh reviewed the materials given to his Chief of Staff. “I was impressed to read about all the programs and services that are offered inmates,” said the Representative. “I would like to commend Sheriff Cabral and her team for all their hard work and dedication.”

For additional information about legislative tours offered at the Suffolk County House of Correction, please contact the Legislative Affairs Director Matt O’ Malley at 617–961–6686.

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