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February 2, 2007

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Sixteen Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department officers recently promoted to Lieutenant attended a two–day leadership class at the Department’s Chelsea Training Center last week. The specially held class was designed to prepare the new Lieutenants for the challenges they will face as they take on their new supervisory roles. Three such leadership classes have been held at the Training Center for higher ranked officers under Sheriff Andrea Cabral’s administration.

During the training, Assistant Deputy Superintendent and Director of Training Yolanda Smith said, “We are happy to be holding this leadership training. It allows for both myself and other instructors to help steer these individuals towards the Department’s goals and the mission set forth by Sheriff Cabral.”

According to Captain Mike Colwell, a Nashua Street Jail officer and class instructor, the training was provided to the new Lieutenants “to help ease their transition into their new roles and provide a foundation for future growth.”

Instructors based their lessons around actual scenarios handled within the walls of the South Bay House of Correction and the Nashua Street Jail and possible situations the new Lieutenants could encounter. The class discussed how to appropriately respond to these situations while maintaining the high standard of professionalism and integrity expected by Sheriff Cabral.

The Lieutenants have proven themselves capable of meeting Sheriff Cabral’s standards already. Each took a written exam, gave a video taped interview with a panel of the Department’s command staff, and had a thorough evaluation of their work history and performance to be considered for the promotion. Recommendations from each applicant’s direct supervisor were also required.

“These officers have distinguished themselves from the other staff,” said Captain Colwell. “They have earned the right to be here in their new role as Lieutenants.”

Two of the new Lieutenants will fill positions at the South Bay House of Correction while the remaining fourteen have been assigned to the Nashua Street Jail.

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