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December 15, 2006

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The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department expanded its community outreach efforts on Saturday, December 9 by participating in the Dorchester House’s Children’s Christmas Party. It was the fourteenth consecutive year that the Dorchester House ran the event and the first time the Sheriff’s Department was invited to attend.

The Dorchester House Multi–Service Center provides medical services and social programs to residents of North and South Dorchester. The annual Christmas party is one of a number of services for children and adolescents. In total, 657 children registered for the 2006 party, each receiving a gift from Santa and taking part in beanbag tosses, face painting, and other activities. They also received gloves, scarves, and hats while enjoying cookies and juice.

Sergeant Damara Smith, Deputy Abe Ayuso, and Officers Robynne Mitchell and Joanne Smith attended the party. They handed out plastic junior deputy badges, safety tip coloring books, and crayons and put together fingerprint IDs for parents to keep in case of an emergency. At the end of the day, it was difficult to say who had more fun; the children or the officers.

“I love going to events like this,” said Deputy Ayuso. “It’s so rewarding when you can make a kid smile and help protect their safety at the same time,” he added.

Staff and volunteers enjoyed having the officers present also. Said Dorchester House Director of Planning and Development Ira Schlosser, “Having officers from the Sheriff’s Department was a great idea. They make a terrific addition to the party and I hope they come back next year.”

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