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November 24, 2006

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In a November 9th vote, Essex County Sheriff Frank G. Cousins, Jr. and Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral were named President and Vice President of the Massachusetts Sheriff’s Association (MSA). Nominated and elected by their twelve fellow Massachusetts sheriffs, both will begin their two– year terms in January.

“The sheriffs who manage the state’s county correctional facilities are responsible for the care, custody, and rehabilitation of approximately 14,000 offenders,” Sheriff Cousins said. “With that comes the awesome responsibility of re–integrating those individuals into civil society at the conclusion of their sentences. Andrea and I look forward to enhancing the MSA’s re–integration efforts in the coming months.”

The MSA, a board of the 14 sheriffs of the Commonwealth, meets monthly to advance the role of county corrections in local government. As President and Vice President, Cousins and Cabral will work together to identify and promote best practices within the corrections profession and will appeal to local and state governments to achieve the unified agenda of the MSA.

"Good public safety requires resource–sharing and collaboration. The sheriffs’ collective work in inmate programming, particularly re–entry programming, is one of the most effective tools we have to reduce recidivism and make our counties safer," said Sheriff Cabral. "There is tremendous opportunity to work more closely with the Trial Court and other areas of law enforcement to widen the scope and impact of our best practices," she added.

Sheriff Cousins was appointed by Governor William Weld in 1996 and is currently serving his second six– year term. Sheriff Cabral was appointed in 2002 by acting Governor Jane Swift and was elected in 2004.

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