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November 3, 2006

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Leaving the South Bay House of Correction and heading instead to the Henry L. Higginson Elementary School in Roxbury Tuesday, November 1, Andrea J. Cabral acted not only as Suffolk County Sheriff but also as a Boston Public School educator. It is the second time she has made the switch, participating in the "Principal for a Day" program. As one of ninety–five community members invited to take part in the program, "Principal" Cabral returned to the Higginson School to shadow real–life Principal Joyce Oliver for the second year in a row.

Now in its fourth year, the "Principal for a Day" (PFAD) program is co–sponsored by the Boston Plan for Excellence and Boston Public Schools. The one–day event is designed to introduce business and civic leaders to the public school system.

"'Principal for a Day' is a great opportunity for leaders to get a vision of what schools are like in 2006," said Boston Plan for Excellence Communications Director Mary Ann Cohen.

After meeting with the school’s teachers, "Principal" Cabral went outside to greet students as they got of their buses. Throughout her day at the school, she visited a number of classrooms with students in kindergarten through second grade. Both the students and the teachers were more than happy to welcome her.

"[Sheriff Cabral] has been a good friend to this school and we are all happy that she is back as 'Principal,'" said Principal Oliver. "She represents a side of the justice system that is important for our kids to understand," she added.

During her visits, "Principal" Cabral joined in classroom activities and engaged the students in some enthusiastic conversations. After reading to one class from the book "Teeny Tiny," which features many illustrations of animals, "Principal" Cabral asked the students what types of pets they had. Interested in the pet shark one boy claimed to have, she asked where it lived. The boy quickly explained that the shark lived in a river built in one of the rooms in his house.

When it came time to return to the House of Correction, "Principal" Cabral reflected on her experiences.

"Higginson Elementary is a great school with a team of dedicated educators, paraprofessionals, and staff," she said. "I admire the learning environment that Principal Joyce Oliver has created here and glad that I was invited back to shadow her again this year."

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