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October 6, 2006

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Boston – Over the last two weeks, seven inmates from the Suffolk County Community Works Program (CWP) spent their days outside the South Bay House of Correction and inside the State Police Troop H–4 barracks. The crew was there to help with sorely needed renovations to the Leverett Circle location.

The building sits along the lower basin of the Charles River. Over one hundred years old, it was once used to operate a series of locks in the river. Some of the steam engines used still sit in the basement of the barracks today.

Members of the CWP crew spent several days clearing over grown vegetation and debris from around the barracks and along the river before beginning work on the building’s interior. After tearing down several walls and pulling up old flooring, the crew rebuilt a room to serve as the gym. They also made repairs to and repainted several offices and a bathroom.

The carpentry, painting, landscaping, and maintenance tasks performed by the crew help solidify training the men received at the House of Correction, training that has recently been qualified as apprentice training by the Department of Workforce Development. It is the first time in state history a correctional facility has received such certification.

In addition to preparing inmates for employment when they are released, work done by CWP crews offers a measure of restitution to the community. In 2005, work performed by CWP crews saved taxpayers more than $913,000. Past jobs have included installing a playground in Revere and repainting schools during vacation. Their services will be provided to some public libraries and community centers this winter.

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