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January 20, 2006

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Revere – The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department sent a crew from its Community Works Program to the Revere Public Library on Wednesday, January 18. The seven men in the crew worked through the morning doing what they do best- improving Suffolk County one job at a time.

The Community Works Program (CWP) is a program for low-risk inmates at the South Bay House of Correction who have received vocational training in areas including landscaping and ground maintenance, painting and building maintenance, and carpentry. Under strict officer supervision, these inmates are taken into Suffolk County to use the skills they have learned to make improvements in public spaces. The goal of the program is to reduce recidivism by teaching inmates to become employable citizens upon release, while also saving thousands of tax dollars on each project the crews work on.

Wednesday’s visit to the Revere Public Library was not the first for CWP. Crews have been visiting the location for months to help with repairs and refurbishing, to the delight of Library Director Robert Rice and staff.

“The inmates are a pleasure to have here,” said Rice. “They are always helpful and polite.”

Children’s Librarian Assistant Lona Frongillo agreed, saying, “The inmates are here whenever we need them. They’re worth their weight in gold.”

Over the summer, crews moved shelving and books so floors could be carpeted, a task that saved the library an estimated eight thousand dollars. They have also painted inside the building, and built and repaired bookcases and furniture. Wednesday’s work included putting new filing cabinets together.

The work done by CWP crews and the attitudes of both inmates and guards has been greatly appreciated by Rice.

“CWP continues to benefit the library and the community,” he said. “I give nothing but the highest praise to the program.”

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