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November 15, 2005

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Boston— Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral honored three recent retirees from the Suffolk County Civil Process Division at a ceremony in the division offices located in downtown Boston. Sheriff Cabral and the Chief Deputy Sheriff of the Civil Process Division, Lawrence McGrath, gave each past employee praise and thanked them during an office meeting held on Tuesday, November 15th.

The retirees being honored for their years of dedication were William Stella from Charlestown, John Dooley from Brighton, and James Brooks from Mattapan. These three individuals left with a total of 54 years of service working for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department. Mr. Stella retired with 13 years of service, Mr. Dooley retired with 15 years, and Mr. Brooks retired with a total of 26 years of service.

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Civil Process Division is responsible for serving court ordered papers such as restraining orders, seizures of property, and property attachments. The Civil Process Division consists of 18 part time Deputies and 8 full time office staff members that service around 40,000 court documents a year throughout Suffolk County.

Sheriff Cabral gave each honoree a Certificate of Appreciation, wished them a happy, restful retirement, and thanked them for all the work they performed for the Civil Process Division while each retiree reflected on the years served at the Sheriff’s Department. “This was one of the finest jobs that I’ve had,” said Retiree Stella. “The people I’ve worked with here were excellent and each Sheriff [during my service] had something unique to offer.” Retiree Dooley reiterated Mr. Stella’s remarks when he was given his certificate, “There are very nice people here, this was the greatest job that I had and I’ve had a wonderful experience [working here].” Retiree Brooks was beaming as he stood for a photo with the Sheriff, saying, “After 26 years of service, it’s been a joy to work here. Thank you all.”

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