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September 8, 2004

CONTACT: Elizabeth Keeley
(617) 989-6650


Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral is pleased to announce that on September 8, 2004 the County Government Finance Review Board (CGFRB) voted to appropriate $186,000 in reserve funds to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department to purchase and install video recording cameras for the Nashua Street Jail and House of Correction. "Video surveillance and monitoring are integral parts of the security systems in modern correctional facilities and I have been committed to securing the funding for this equipment since becoming Sheriff." The installation of video cameras was one of the recommendations in the Stern Commission report and has been one of Sheriff Cabral’s top priorities.

The Sheriff requested funding from the CGFRB to upgrade the cameras at both facilities to allow for digital video recording on all cameras and the ability to have access to what is happening at both facilities from outside the facilities. Currently, there are cameras installed at the Jail and House of Correction but most are not able to record. These funds will allow the Department to purchase state of the art equipment and will further enhance the safety for staff and inmates at Sheriff’s Department.

Special thanks to the CGFRB, Sheriff Michael McCormack and former Sheriff Peter Flynn for their support of the Department and this important initiative.

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