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October 28, 2003

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Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral will release a report next month detailing the accomplishments and changes she has made in the first year of her administration. The report is expected to be released the week of Nov. 10.

“With this ‘report card,’ I hope to establish a level of public accountability that will restore external faith in the Department and maintain the positive momentum that has already significantly improved management, operations and staff morale,” the Sheriff said. “While this review highlights the credentials and work of staff managers, it is important to note that our remarkable progress would not be possible without the exemplary work of the hundreds of dedicated employees at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department.”

One year ago, the Sheriff’s Department, under the leadership of retiring Sheriff Richard Rouse, was the subject of a highly critical report released after a yearlong study by a blue ribbon commission headed by former US Attorney Donald K. Stern.

The Stern Commission made more than 75 separate recommendations, including a call for strong, competent leadership, new and improved training for correctional officers, an end to politically motivated hiring and promotions, employee evaluations and consistent implementation of Department policies and procedures.

Sheriff Cabral’s administration addressed the issues raised in the report and within a year has made significant progress to meet or exceed the recommendations.

Among the most notable accomplishments within Sheriff Cabral’s administration, the Department has:

  • Moved the Sheriff’s Office from the County Courthouse to the House of Correction;
  • Instituted new training protocols and established a Training Academy in Chelsea;
  • Reviewed and revised 26 Department policies to date;
  • Banned political contributions from employees to the Sheriff;
  • Instituted new hiring and promotional guidelines;
  • Hired or promoted staff with extensive experience in criminal justice or law enforcement;
  • Opened and leased the new modular housing unit to the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement;
  • Reduced overtime spending by $1 million;
  • Created a Superintendent’s position to manage the Nashua Street Jail;
  • Reformed the Sheriff’s Investigative Division, which resulted in 29 arrests and quicker response time for all egregious cases.

The Sheriff’s report will be available on-line Nov. 10 by visiting the Department’s Website at

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