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June 25, 2003

CONTACT: Steve Tompkins
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The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department will launch a new Website July 1 that will better reflect the programs, missions and accomplishments of the Department.

“This new Website will give visitors a better idea of what we do here at the Sheriff’s Department,” said Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral, “One of my top priorities is to communicate to the community the role and mission of the Sheriff’s Department in the criminal justice system. This Website will provide a guide for those interested in our Department and the opportunities we offer.”

The Website address will remain, but the graphic display and content have been dramatically improved. The Sheriff’s Department launched its first independent Website in 2001.

Among the improvements, the site contains a virtual tour of the facilities in the Department; a site for safety tips for youngsters; opportunities for careers within the Department, and online resources linking to other criminal justice agencies.

Visitors will also be able to explore the different rehabilitation programs the Department offers and get an understanding of the different divisions within the Department and how they function within the community.

The site will also list links to other law enforcement agencies, including Deadbeat Parents and Most Wanted fugitive lists.

Site visitors will also be able to email staff at the Sheriff’s Department from the Website.

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